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We are ready to give 24 hours care from dedicated doctors and nurses.
A child goes through significant physical, mental, social and emotional growth from 0-12 years of age.
Our highly-skilled Paediatricians are specially trained to help guide you and your child through these changes to ensure that your child's individual needs are given the necessary treatment and care.
Let your journey through parenthood be an enriching experience with specialised attention and care from our highly-skilled consultants towards your child's best health.
Facilities available:

  • Medical checkups

  • Vaccination and immunisation

  • Child development assessment

  • Nutrition and behavioural education

  • Care and treatment of minor injuries

  • Preventive healthcare

  • Inpatient medical treatment

  • Neonatal screening

  • Newborn hearing test

  • Phototherapy

  • Nebuliser

  • Infant massage

  • Circumcision


KKLIU 1027/2020

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